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Dr. G. Sundhar Krishnan

Dr.G.Sundhar Krishnan - ENT Physician

Dr. G. Sundhar Krishnan has been recently conferred Ph D in "ENDOSCOPIC SKULL BASE SURGERY" by the Dr. M .G. R. Medical University in October2007

The nose is gateway for the sinuses,orbit,optic canal,lacrimal sac and anterior skull base. The nasal endoscope has revolutionized the field of ENT as well as the neighbouring areas namely – neuro surgery and ophthalmology. It gives the patient the advantages of natural hole scar less surgery with quick recovery.

Dr. Sundhar Krishnan who breathes ENT has dedicated himself to exploit the full potential and increase its applications. His aim is to tackle any disease of the head that needs surgical intervention by endoscopies through natural opening of face such as nose, mouth or only by a keyhole thereby doing away with major opening of skull or orbit rendering aesthetic satisfaction to the patient.

He has started Endoscopic Pituitary Tumor removal and CSF rhinorrhoea management about 10 years ago. He has performed over 200 pituitary cases including those with supra and parasellar extensions and over 50 cases of CSF Rhinnorhoea. He discharges them safely in a day or two cutting costs to one third. He has also done the world's largest series of Endoscopic ear surgeries. He has many firsts in the endoscopic management of challenging cases sucessfully like

Dr. G . Sundhar Krishnan has graduated from Stanley Medical College. He completed his postgraduate diploma and masters in ENT at the prestigious Madras Medical College. He is presently senior faculty in the department of ENT at Madras Medical College and visiting consultant Apollo group of hospitals at Chennai.




Live surgical demonstrations with interactive sessions

Medical college conference cum workshop at the National Level in 2005

Guest Lecture




Dr. G. Sundhar Krishnan was a cricket player & represented college at national level. Excellent in caroms.

He reveres his teachers Prof. K. K. Ramalingam & guide Dr. Pacifica Simon who had inspired him.
His wish is to serve the poor and the sick, give the best quality treatment at minimal cost & minimal pain. He loves teaching his students and thus reaches globally.

He is Medical Director of Krishna Eye & ENT Hospitals, Chennai and Managing Trustee of Smt. P. Mahalakshmi Trust which caters to the poor.

He is self-trained in Endoscopy

His wife is an eye surgeon & a neuro-ophthalmologist. He is blessed with two children who are graduating in a medical college to render service to the needy.

He has been appointed as a new guide for PhD.

Eligibility for registration:

A minimum of 3 years.

Whom to contact?
Candidates interested may contact Dr. G. Sundhar Krishnan with curriculum vitae by e mail to

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