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Neuro Ophthalmology

Ophthalmologists and doctors may refer for more details on:

About 60% of the brain is occupied by eye related pathways.
The eye - brain relationship is compared to that of an electrical circuit. Eye is analogous to bulb or fan, [the former for light perception and the latter for eye movement]
Optic nerve, visual pathways etc., are analogous to Wires
Brain is analogous to Switch.
Lesions in or around these passages will reflect in the vision or the eye movements.
Certain tumours in the brain are first detected when the patient comes for treatment of headache. A complete eye check up along with fundus examination and autoperimetry will enable to clinch the diagnosis.
A comprehensive report at various period intervals, easily comprehensible by the neurosurgeon or the neuro physician is handed over to the patient.

Neuro Ophthalmology

The neuro ophthalmology report has separate columns for:
Best corrected vision- Distance and near for each eye,
Colour vision,
Autoperimetry field report of each eye
Fundus findings of each eye

These patients are given personal attention with counselling whenever required.

Cosmetic Ophthalmology

Endoscopy in Ophthalmology

The nasal endoscope provides natural access through the nose to orbit, lacrimal sac, superior orbital fissure, optic canal and pituitary thus serving to treat problems in these areas.

Eg: For chronic watering problem due to infection of the lacrimal sac, Endoscopic DCR has the following advantages:

Optic Nerve Schwannoma:

A 25 year old male with protrusion and pain right eye of 9 months duration underwent surgery – craniotomy and lateral orbitotomy twice elsewhere with no benefit.

Optic Nerve Treatment

Optic canal and the optic nerve can well be approached through the nose after a spheno ethmoidectomy for: