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Test Your Vision

What is 6/6 or 20/20 ?

Many of us are not even aware whether we have 6/6 ie normal vision in one or both eyes. In fact many people are unaware if they have good vision in each of their eyes. The objective of vision screening is to know whether we have normal vision with or without the glasses in each eye and to have this information while we are at our home or workplace itself without the hassle of visiting the eye care practitioner. The computer is available in many of the houses and can be used for vision screening.

6/6 is an assessment of the visual acuity i.e. how clearly the patient can see an object at a certain distance. This is considered normal vision. The numerator denotes the distance of the patient's eye from the vision chart and the denominator denotes the distance at which the letter or the row of the letters ought to be read. The standard English vision chart has 9 rows. Ability to read the 7th row means 6/6 considered normal with or without wearing glasses.

The Americans follow the metric system . 6/6 is said to be 20/20. Some people can read extra 1 or 2 rows that is respectively 6/5 [20/10] or 6/4 [20/5]. It is very important to know if each of us have 6/6 vision in each eye. 6/6 vision does not guarantee that the health of the eye ball is normal. It also does not indicate the vision in situations with extreme lighting.

How to test your vision by yourself ?

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